Consolidate and clarify your business’s data with our simple analytics app

Growing your business requires you to use all kinds of tools and apps to monitor your performance and scale sustainably. Unfortunately, this means regularly logging in and scrolling through pages of data or waiting for tables to load and trying to decipher the results. And you’ll need to do this for each one of the apps you use.

We know that this can be a real pain point for many business owners” said Vonto’s Managing Director Elliot Cousins.

More than 80% of small businesses are using up to six business apps to run their operation, potentially meaning six logins to six different systems, every day, just to see the status quo.

At Vonto, we are all about making the overwhelming, simple. This is why our free business insights app connects with your stack of technology across POS, marketing, ecommerce and finance to serve you daily insights that help you run and grow your business successfully.

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Let’s take a look at what insights Vonto can show you.


Accounting software takes the hard work out of balancing the books. Which can be great when it’s tax time but day to day it can take a backseat. When things get busy, we don’t always have time to go through all that data.

Vonto’s insights show you the bigger picture. For example, which invoices need chasing up, what expenses are nearly due and the status of your cash flow.

With powerful algorithms working through the numbers, you can forget the mental mathematics and make decisions backed by data.

Google Analytics

Google’s very own analytics tools provide some of the great ways to understand how your customers find your business and how they interact with your website.

Vonto serves insights daily, highlighting the important information your Google Analytics is capturing without going through yet another dashboard. These insights could show you when your website’s traffic is increasing or decreasing or it could warn you if there’s been a sharp drop in mobile users.

Keeping you up to speed with how people are finding and using your website means you can fix what’s not working and double down on what is.

Facebook and Instagram

Social media is a great place for small businesses to get their name out there with little or no marketing spend. It can be a great source of traffic to your site or shop and there’s an already active audience ready and waiting for you.

Vonto gives you insights into how your social media posts are performing. For example, how many impressions the latest post has compared to previous ones, who is liking your page and how your engagement is going.

These are important things in the age of ‘always on’ marketing. Keeping an eye out for what works, and why, will take a lot of the guesswork out of your social media strategy and give you a helping hand while you run your digital presence.

Shopify and Vend

At the heart of your business are the products you’re selling. This could be the service you provide or the goods that your customers buy. It’s very rare that a business can sit back and let their product sell itself, to stay competitive we need to constantly monitor performance and change our offerings to stay competitive.

Your POS system and ecommerce systems (such as Shopify and Vend) do a lot of the heavy lifting for you by taking payments, managing stock and guiding the customers through the buying journey.

Vonto’s analysis app plugs right into your existing business stack to provide an important overview of how you are performing. Managing demand can be difficult, especially in this uncertain climate, daily notifications from the app will let you know what’s selling like hotcakes and what is clogging up your shelves.

What insights are waiting for you?

Each business is unique. That’s why Vonto’s insights are designed to work with the tools that keep you running and they become more useful, the more data you can feed in.

If you are already using any of the services included above, it’s likely there will be useful insights waiting for you. Vonto’s insights will be there everyday to give you perspective and empower you to make the right call.

Download the Vonto app today and start making more informed business decisions.