How can Facebook help my business?

Your business’s Facebook page is probably the most cost effective advertising method in 2021.

The social media giant doesn’t need much introduction with 13 million monthly users here in Australia. The Facebook family also includes a number of other big names such as Instagram and Whatsapp and has a stand alone messenger app. These four apps make up the top four most downloaded apps of the decade.

It’s safe to assume that your target customers are already on the platform, therefore it’s important we maximise these channels. So let’s jump in and see how Facebook can help your business.

Table of contents

  1. Let your brand’s personality shine through your FB profile
  2. Clearly display important business information
  3. Communicate directly with your customers via messenger
  4. Increase your website traffic

1. Let your brand’s personality shine through your FB profile

As more and more of today’s customers want to know the story and ethos behind the brands they use, Facebook can be a great way to showcase who you are and give a personality to your brand.

Who Gives a Crap is a small Aussie business that sells environmentally friendly toilet paper. They also donate a huge portion of their profits to worthy causes. Their bright art style is consistent across their Facebook page, website and product packaging making it easy to identify and remember.

Their brand’s personality shines through their page and is captured in the content they post. Their end of year video is a great example of this as they talk about the work that they have done and the people they have helped.

2. Clearly display important business information

Your Facebook profile is a great place to display your business information – such as address, phone number and opening times. With the recent uncertainty caused by COVID-19 many customers check online before ordering from or visiting businesses. Make sure key information is clearly displayed, as well as your website URL and how a customer can order from you.

This will save customers having to hunt around and potentially losing interest. This is important for any type of business, but especially brick and mortar stores because a Facebook page can make it easy to update your customers on changes to your normal business operations.

Cookie Melbourne Cocktail Bar Facebook Page

3. Communicate directly with your customers via messenger

Another huge benefit of having your business on Facebook is that customers can message you directly. Not only is this a great feature but nowadays it’s an expectation from your customers that they can reach you in this way. Hubspot’s research on customer expectations show that 80% of customers expect a response within 24 hours of messaging a brand on social media, with 50% saying they would ditch a brand that didn’t respond to a negative comment at all.

These interactions can sometimes be the nudge that turns a detractor into a loyal lifetime customer. They can also help you quickly identify sticky points in your sales funnel where people are getting lost. Keep a note of common questions and turn them into a helpful FAQ section that can save you work and increase conversions. Facebook Page

Shippit, a Sydney based logistics platform, uses the messenger function to prompt their customers to chat. This quickly directs a user to information that can help them make their overall experience better.

4. Increase your website traffic

Your Facebook page can be a great way of promoting your own website.

For most businesses their website is where they sell their products, get signups, provide extra information or otherwise generate revenue. Therefore one objective of your social media presence is to drive traffic to your own site.

You can add a button to the top of your Facebook business page that can link to your site. There are a number of different options such as ‘Get Quote’ or ‘Sign-up’ – choose whichever fits your objective. This makes it easier for your Facebook followers to become customers.

Uber Facebook page header

This will only drive traffic to your site if people are interested and following your page however. To get attention and build an engaged audience there are a number of strategies you can use, check out our recent article for more information (link to the social media engagement article).

The Takeaway

Your Facebook page is a crucial part of your social media presence and making a great first impression is crucial to getting followers and ultimately customers.

Treat it like part of your storefront or website and build a consistent personality to help build brand awareness and highlight key information for people looking to find out what you’re all about. Don’t shy away from speaking to your customers through the messenger feature, they can often give you valuable feedback or highlight something you might have missed.

Vonto’s free business tool can integrate with your social media accounts, delivering daily insights that allow you to see what’s working and what needs reviewing, removing the guesswork and tedious manual work.

As you spring clean your Facebook account, integrate it with Vonto and see what insights are waiting for you.