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Vonto plugs into your tools like Xero, Facebook, Shopify and Google Analytics, creating a personalised overview of your cash flow, social media engagement, website traffic and more!

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Google analytics

Vonto can help answer business questions all in one place

What’s the net profit of your business?

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Is our social content attracting and retaining customers?

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What’s your average basket size?

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Are people staying long enough on our website to convert?

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Which pages are performing the best?

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Are you reaching new customers?

Created for business owners

Designed with feedback from over 150 business owners, Vonto is your one-stop-data shop.

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Advisory quote

“These insights have allowed us to allocate our limited resources to other essential operations; ideal when you have a small team operating a growing business.”

Joel Swersky, Slowgrind

Designed and built for business owners

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It’s free to use

Whatever your business, Vonto will become an essential tool. And it’s free, no matter who you bank with.

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It’s your data, you own it

Only you have access to it, you call the shots.

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Safe and secure

We don’t mess around, Vonto is security tested to Commonwealth Bank’s standards.

Don’t wait, join our community of small business owners

Vonto is FREE no matter who you bank with so why wait? You’ll be in good company and with an eager team behind the scenes, you can help make Vonto even better.

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