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We envision a world where small business has the biggest voice

We believe anybody can be successful in business — our mission is to help them realise how.

To do this we enable people to easily access, understand, interpret and prioritise their business data.

Giving business owners the power to make better informed decisions every day.

The name Vonto. Inspired from the words and meaning of “advantage” – getting the upperhand in order to move forward, and “window” – seeing your business through a new lens.

Tried and tested by real business owners.

The team behind Vonto are here to make your life as a business owner easier. We’ve spent two years meeting business owners like you, to understand your challenges first-hand.

Designed with a passion for helping empowering small businesses, the Vonto team is driven to provide outsanding service through new technologies. We’re proud to be supporting businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

Helping businesses stay ahead of the game.

With a passion for helping empower small businesses, the Vonto team is driven to provide outstanding service through new technologies. We're proud to be supporting businesses in New Zealand and Australia.


Vonto proudly works with ASB to keep Kiwi businesses one step ahead.

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