Vonto is free, no matter who you bank with

Vonto brings together a business’s key numbers in one place. In making it free, we have removed the barrier to access a powerful tool that has previously only been afforded to enterprise-level businesses.

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What people are saying

“As a small business owner Vonto allows me to get to the heart of our business’s financials quickly and with minimum fuss, and allow me to get on with growing the business.”

Alex Radford, Owner of D3 Digital

Got a question?

What’s the catch?

No catch. With the support of Commonwealth Bank, we can offer Vonto for free. Supporting small business is integral to the success of the Australian economy. The Commonwealth Bank recognises this and as part of their strategic vision, wanted to offer small business owners every chance of success. That’s where Vonto comes in.

How does Vonto make money?

We are owned and funded by the Commonwealth Bank.

Does Vonto share my data?

No, we will never share your data without your explicit permission. We maintain the highest security levels for data, which is required by Commonwealth Bank for all services provided to their customers.

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