Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

What is Vonto? How will it help my business?

Vonto delivers insights about your business. It connects to your existing business apps like Xero, Google Analytics, Facebook, etc. and combines those different data sources to give you relevant insights. Vonto is supported by Commonwealth Bank and ASB in New Zealand

Is there a cost to Vonto or is it free to use?

Vonto is free, no matter who you bank with.

What is Commonwealth Bank’s and/or ASB’s role in Vonto?

Vonto proudly works with Commonwealth Bank and ASB to make sure your information is secure. Vonto is provided by CBA New Digital Business Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Can I use Vonto if I am not a Commonwealth Bank or ASB customer?

Yes. Vonto is available to every small business in Australia and New Zealand, no matter who you bank with.

Is my business information safe?

Your business information and data security is extremely important to us. Vonto is security tested to Commonwealth Bank’s standards to keep your data safe. Please refer to the Privacy Collection Notice for further important details.

Who has access to and can see my data?

Nobody sees your data without your consent and approval. For further important details please refer to the Privacy Collection Notice.

What devices can Vonto be accessed on?

You can use Vonto on multiple platforms. It is available on both iPhone and Android devices as well as on your desktop.

Which browsers support Vonto?

We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge.

I need help with Vonto, who should I contact?

We have support available to all our customers through the chat window on Vonto or send your query through to us at

I’ve found a bug. How do I report it?

Tell us about it through the Vonto chat window or email
Every bug we fix makes Vonto even better.

I would like to send some feedback, how can I do this?

We love hearing from our customers. Send us your improvements, complaints or compliments through the chat window on Vonto, or email us at

How do I sign up for a trial of a new business tool?

Sign in to your web version of Vonto and select ‘Apps’. Choose the app or business tool you want to trial and click ‘Connect’.

How often is the data updated in Vonto?

Data is updated every day at 12am depending on your location.

Does Vonto have access to my personal Facebook and Google data? Would it post anything on my behalf?

If your business has a Facebook and Google Analytics account, you can connect these apps to Vonto. Vonto will access the data of these connected accounts in order to provide business insights to you. Vonto would never post anything to any of your social media accounts. For further important details on data collection and usage please refer to the Privacy Collection Notice.

Can I add more users to my Vonto account?

Yes, you can add additional users to your account from the Web version of the application. Simply go to the menu and next to your company’s name in the top right corner, select ‘Members’ then invite a new member.

Can I remove users from my Vonto account?

Yes, you can. Through the web version of the application, you can also remove users from your account. Click on the menu next to your business name in the top right corner and select ‘Remove’ next to the user you wish to be removed.

How many users can use the same Vonto account simultaneously from different devices?

You can only use your Vonto login from one device at a time. If you are already connected to a device, you will be automatically logged out if you connect on another device using the same login details (for example: you buy a new phone but forget to logout from your old phone).

What if I want to stop using Vonto?

We’re sorry to hear you no longer want to use Vonto. Is there anything we can do to change your mind? Please send us your valuable feedback and let us know what we can be doing better to

But if you are sure you want to part ways, you have two options:

– Soft Delete: Just delete the Vonto app from your phone. If you want to reinstall and start using Vonto again in future, you’ll be able to pick up from where you left off.

– Hard Delete: This removes all your data and deletes your Vonto account. Go to the web version of the application and delete your account.

How do I receive updates on new features being introduced?

Keep an eye out on our social media handles which will have all the latest news about Vonto and how we are working to help all our customers.

How do I keep important insights in view?

There are two tabs for insights: your current insights and your watched insights. All of your new insights appear on the current list, pushing older ones down over time. If you want to keep an insight as a reminder, use the ‘Watch’ button. Your insight will move on to the ‘Watchlist’ tab, where you can always find it. Once you’re done with it, you can just unpin it to remove it from the list.

What do you mean by “Action an insight”?

Most insights are opportunities to take an action to improve your business or give you a little more information so you can understand your business. You may make a decision to act on this new information, decide to ignore it, or use the insight to inform future decisions. Sometimes you can take action directly through Vonto.


How does Vonto generate insights for me?

Vonto creates its insights from the data in your business apps. The more apps you are connected to, the more information we have to deliver insights. We suggest starting with Xero.

Which business tools/external applications can Vonto integrate with?

Vonto can integrate with a number of business tools like Xero, Google Analytics, Facebook, Vend and Shopify. We are constantly improving and adding other business tools, so keep an eye on our latest announcements.

Vonto is missing an important business tool, how can I let you know?

If you love it, we’d love to hear about it. We have a backlog of exciting new tools on the way, but we’re always looking for more. Have a chat through the Vonto web site or email your suggestion to

How do I connect my business tools/apps?

Use your web version of Vonto to go to the ‘Apps’ tab. Choose the app you want to connect to then select ‘Connect’.

How long will it be before I start seeing my insights?

Your insights should start straight away. As we learn more about your business through the apps you connect, you’ll see more insights appearing on your dashboard.

How do I disconnect my business tools/apps?

Disconnecting is as easy as connecting. Go into the web version of Vonto and select the “Apps” tab. You’ll see all your connected apps. Just select ‘Disconnect’ on the app you want to shut down, and it’s gone.

Do you have an Application Processing Interface (API)?

If you’re an app developer and would like to feed your customers’ business information into Vonto or interested in discussing further partnership opportunities, please contact us on