Privacy collection notice

In this statement, “Vonto”, “we”, “us” and “our” means CBA New Digital Business Pty Ltd (ABN 38 633 072 830), a wholly owned subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank of Australia (ABN 48 123 123 124)

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Vonto’s application and website (together the “App”) is an online business management tool that provides a consolidated point of access to data relating to your business sourced from a range of software applications or websites (“Third Party Apps”) operated by third party suppliers (“Data Provider”). Vonto presents this data to you in a single platform (accessible through the App) and, based on this data, provides information relevant to your business.

In this notice ‘you’ includes our customer and any person who holds office in an entity which is a customer and each individual registering to access your Vonto account on your behalf (an “End User”). If you are running a business in your own name, some of these pieces of information could be information about you as an individual, making the information personal information under the privacy laws of Australian and other jurisdictions. This notice applies to the extent the App collects personal information from you or any End Users.

By registering an account with Vonto and using the App, we may collect information or data:

1. supplied by you (or with your authority) or an End User into the App or Website in connection your use of the App or Website:

  • a. your (or an End User’s) name, business name, password, address and contact details;
  • b. unique technical identifiers of your device to link the App use to a particular device; and
  • c. financial and non-financial information of your business, and

2. supplied from Third Party Apps, provided that you have explicitly requested that Vonto or a Data Provider make such data available to the App or Website.

We collect this information for the following purposes:

  • To provide you with access to the App which provides you information, tools and features to support you in the management of your business;
  • Completing registration for this application and opening an account;
  • Providing you access to the tools, features and services of Vonto;
  • Handling your inquiries and communicating with you on your inquiries and any other matter related to your use of the App;
  • Providing your information to Data Providers, if you have provided your consent to do so, for the purpose of enabling them to contact you about services and/or products they offer. If we provide your information to a Data Provider, the Data Provider’s use of your information will be subject to the Data Provider’s privacy policy;
  • To inform you of any offers or information which may be of interest to you;
  • Exercising our rights and carrying out our obligations under Vonto’s Terms of Use with you;
  • To aggregate, modify and create new data using your personal information with other information or data of yours;
  • To improve Vonto and the services and products we supply;
  • To comply with relevant laws;
  • For our administrative purposes and any other purposes permitted by law; and
  • Any other reason which we specifically notify you of and seek your consent to prior to using your personal information.

We may, from time to time, use cookies, identifiers for mobile devices, web beacons, and other similar storage technologies provided by third parties (including but not limited to those listed below) to collect or receive information from our App and elsewhere on the internet and use that information to provide measurement services and ad targeting:

Google (via Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager) – please click on the following link to understand how Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps (;

  • Facebook (via Facebook Pixel and Facebook SDK); and
  • Adobe (via Adobe Experience Cloud).
  • These third parties may collect or receive information from our App and other apps and use that information to provide measurement services and targeted ads.

We may share your (or an End User’s) personal information with third parties including directors, employees, Associated Entities (as defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)) and its directors and employees, agents, service providers (including our hosting providers), Data Providers and any other relevant third parties for the purposes of operating the application for its intended purpose. These third parties may be in Australia and overseas. The countries in which some of the overseas third parties are located currently include UK, Ireland, USA, New Zealand and Singapore. While we do our best to ensure that overseas third parties handle your personal information in a manner consistent with the Australian Privacy Act and the privacy principles contained in it, we do not guarantee all overseas jurisdictions have privacy laws with privacy protections at least equivalent to those of Australia and have effective mechanisms to enforce those protections. We may disclose your (or an End User’s) information to government agencies and authorities to comply with any applicable legal or regulatory requirements.

We may also share or store some of the information collected or stored on the App in a cloud or other data storage services which may be located outside Australia.

You have the option of using a pseudonym when dealing with us so as not to identify yourself fully to us. Please bear in mind, however, that we will be unable to provide certain services to you unless you disclose your correct identity.

You may request that the personal information we hold about you be corrected by contacting us. If we do not agree to your request for a correction, you may then request that we take reasonable steps to attach to the information a statement of the correction sought but not made. We will ensure that the personal information that we collect from you is accurate, up-to-date and complete when we use or disclose that information for a purpose as outlined above.

If you at any time do not wish for us to collect your (or any End User’s) information and do not wish for the information to be shared or used in the manner outlined above, we are unable to give you a licence to continue to use this App and as such you should stop using the App and should uninstall the App immediately and deactivate your account on the Vonto website.

If you no longer wish for us to hold your information you may ask us to delete your personal data by contacting Vonto Support at Vonto will take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify this data unless there is a business or legal requirement for us to retain it.

Our Group Privacy Policy is available on our website at and follow the Privacy Policy link. The Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with the above. We strongly ask you to read carefully, contains important details on:

  • how we handle your personal information;
  • how you can have access to your personal information and request for any of your personal information held by us to be corrected; and
  • procedures to raise with us any privacy concerns and complaints and our processes to deal with those complaints and concerns.

We encourage you to check our website regularly for any updates to the Policy.